Monday, March 3, 2008

So my plan for Sunday was to get up early and ride from my house out through Cumming. I would've liked to ride my normal areas in Alpharetta, but with the marathon I knew there would be road closures and traffic congestion. But instead, sleep won out. I didnt get up till after 10 so I decided to ride on the trainer in my garage. I at least left the garage door open since the weather was so nice. I felt great and didnt really have any pain. I think the trainer was one of the best Christmas presents I ever got.

So this evening's plan was to run 35 minutes in my neighborhood. This shouldve been about 3.5 miles. No prob. Plus I would be running in my new shoes. Well my neighborhood is quite hill so by 1.5 miles my achilles were tight. I stopped stretched it out and adjusted my shoes. I took it easy and finished up my 35 min. I stretched for about 10 min but was still tight. So as I went to take a shower, I thought to myself hmmm I have always heard about ice baths. So I decided what the heck? So I filled the tub with ice cold water and slowly lowered myself into the tub. Boy was it cold. Ten minutes later, my legs felt so much better. I am definitely a believer and will be doing this more often.

I cant wait till we change to clock back on Sunday. That will give me more options for training.

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