Saturday, March 8, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

So I decided last night since my usual group was doing 20+ miles and I was doing a measly 4 that I would skip the group run and run on my own. I also chose not to set an alarm. I got up about 7AM and let the dogs out to find it was cold,windy, and raining kinda hard in Cumming. So I made some juice, ate a cliff bar and decided to go run at the gym. Driving to the gym as the snow as starting to come down I thought to myself Id hate to be halfway through a 20+ miler anr running through this. My 4 Miles were good. I had a little bit of knee pain but nothing too bad. I just have to keep stretching and not push myself beyond my limits right now. I think focusing on the Oly Tri will keep me from running too many miles too soo. I just need to stick to the plan.

I need to figure out what time to do my training tommorow. I am supposed to do an hour ride followed by a 10-20 min run. I was gonna get up at 7Am, but it looks to be 24 degrees with a wind chill of 17. I have my leg warmers, gloves,long-sleeved shirt, and face covering, but I have never rode in weather that cold.Burr. Well i have to do it.It looks like it will start warming up by noon, so maybe I can push my workout till then.

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