Saturday, March 1, 2008

My big bear feet

So after my first full training week since my knee problems I go out for my usual Saturday morning group run. I was hoping to get 8 miles in.Since most of the group was running was either running the snickers marathon today or the alpharetta half/full tomorrow it was just me and Jerry (oh and his Golden Retriever Buddy). First three miles were great. I stopped to stretch at mile 3. I had a few aches but nothing bad. I mahe it to 4.5 and have to stop and stretch again. At this point I realize that the likely cause of all my problems is my shoes. They were way too tight. I tried to loosen them up but they were still tight. I walked about a half mile and felt better. I ran the last 1.5 miles for a total of 6.5 Miles.

After this run, I decided to hold of on focusing on longer distance running and to focus on my Tri's. Trying to add a run day to the 6 day tri schedule while going to school 2 nights a week was too much. So I will work on my 10 K speed through July. Then Ill start on a half marathon plan to do the silver comet which is nice and flat. So for now I am focusing on weight loss, the peachtree RR and my first Oly Tri

So I get home and shower and my wife and I go out to fleet feet. The girl measures my feet and first thing we discover, my left foot is one size bigger then the right. Now I knew my feet were big and flat and I overpronate. I tried on 6 pairs of 2-e or 4-e shoes till I found the right one where my foot didn't hang over. So I am hoping that these new shoes will do alot to keep me injury free. Oh and when I got in the car my wife told me that the girl at fleet feet said I was the hardest shoe match she had and I have feet like a bear. wow never heard that before.

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