Monday, March 10, 2008

Its a beautiful day in the neighboorhood...

Well after a long debate on the way home of whether to run or make today my day off, I got out of my car and decided I was going to run. I am so glad that it now stays light out till almost 8PM. SO tonights plan called for 40 mins. I was a little achy the first mile, but after that I felt good. I think my new extra-wide shoes are working out. I ended up doing 4 miles in like 40:10. I am feeling good about how my training is progressing right now.

My Run

My wife and I made an appointment with the nutritionist who came highly recommended. I am really hoping she can help me figure out how much I really need to eat. I am also looking forward to the mini-camp in Gainesville on Saturday. I am hoping to get something out of training with the clubs coach. I just hope its not too cold out this weekend

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