Monday, March 31, 2008

Finally feeling better

Well I had a rough week. I am not sure what I came down with, but it seems to be going around at work. Today was the first day I felt 100%.

So I decided to go do the Monday night ride at Mama's Board n Bike in Buford. The ride isnt too bad. It does have a couple tough hills. I hadnt rode it since we changed the clocks in the fall. The ride went very well. It started out at an easy pace. We picked it up a little about a third of the way in. The first hill was a little tough still, but I wasnt completely out of breath. The second and steeper one was much easier then I remember it. I was still out of breath at the top of it, but I was able to recover quickly and pick the pace back up. Finished the ride at a decent pace (though I need to work on my endurance still). I threw my bike in the car and hit the road for a short 10 minute brick. It felt really good. I did 10 minutes. I ended up doing 1.14 miles. I was shocked to see I actually kept up a 8:45 pace. Wow I am so happy how things are progressing.

I have signed up for Sunday's Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon. The format is as follows

10 minutes in the pool, as far as you can get
- Locker room transition (enough time to change)
- 30 minutes on a spin bike (outfitted with pre-set tension and a computer to judge distance) while watching a cycling or IM DVD and having volunteers fetch you water
- T2 from spin studio to fitness floor
- 20 minutes on a treadmill

I am looking forward to this as a test to see where I am at. I am going to really push myself. Tomorrow I am going to really focus on my flip turns and breathing so I can really swim fast on Sunday.

Hope everyone who ran ING had a great race

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