Thursday, March 27, 2008

All good things must come to an end

Ok so I havent posted in almost a week. After having such an amazing week going, things went downhill starting on Saturday though things are almost back to normal today.

Friday night I took it easy in a spin class at the gym. It was a off day for me but my wife needed to go so I went with her and kept the resistance low. Class was ok, I am glad this was an easy class for me cuz I was not to happy with the instructor.

So saturday morning I got up to run with the group. My plan only called for 40 minutes but I felt good and the shortest anyone was running was 6 so I decided to do the whole 6. At about mile 2 I got a cramp in my calf. I stretched through it and continued on with the run. It hurt the whole time, but otherwise it was a good run. I got home and it really hurt to climb up and down the stairs. By Saturday night, I had a new problem. For about a week or so my allergies have been bothering me somewhat. Georgia is known for its nasty pollen levels. I had been taking my meds and fighting through it. Well by Saturday I had picked up a cough. At that point I knew I had to back off. Head colds or allergies are one thing, but once it gets into the chest the breaks go on. This coupled with some busy days at work had me so exhauseted. Well I happened to hear about an allergy drug that just went OTC. I went to the store yesterday and picked it up. Today I felt so much better.

I was still a little tired, but otherwise I was good. My calf pain is all gone. So I did what the plan called for. My swim was decent, I am hoping I will finally be able to sleep through the night without waking up tonight.

By next week, I hope to be back to 100%. I am also considering doing the Lifetime Fitness indoor tri next weekend. It sounds like a good tuneup as race season nears. On that note, I noticed the pool is beginning to get much more crowded with triathletes with their training plans. Tri season will be here soon !!!

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