Friday, March 14, 2008

Ahh a day off

SO today I am off. Im going to do some stretching tonight, maybe pop a yoga dvd in.

Yesterday's swim was pretty good. I felt strong and my breathing was better since I used my inhaler before I swam. I did a total of 1550. My main set was 6*150(50 Easy,25 Hard, repeat). My legs were strong and I had a good pace going. I did start thinking baout how I do my flip turns. I have been turning my body before I push off the wall. I am going to try to start turning after I push off. It seems a little faster.

I am really hoping tommorow's weather will cooperate for the mini-camp. I believe the pool is indoors and maybe if its raining we'll be able to set up our trainers inside.

I havent decided what Im doing on Sunday yet. If my legs feel good, Ill prolly do the Sunday morning ride followed by a 10-20 min run.

Next week is supposed to be a recovery week based on the schedule. I am hoping to come out of next week feeling strong.

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TriBoomer said...

I look forward to reading more about your training and races. How did the mini-camp go?

Stay tuned...