Thursday, February 28, 2008

What good is a blog if I dont ever update it

Well let me update you where I have been since my last post. Did my first Tri ever: 2 Bridge in Cumming on Sept 30. In addition to my first Tri, this was the first and only running of this event. To start off with, the water was super choppy. I ended up swimming a modified breast stroke to avoid swallowing too much nasty water. When I get out of the water, I had made the rookie mistake of swimming in too fast and I was completely out of breat. I started out running to transition and had to stop, bend over and catch my breath. OK, so I dry my feet, get my shoes and my helmet and run on out of T1 feeling pretty good. apparently so good I failed to notice my helmet was on backwards. So of course my wife got several photos. OK so I get on the bike and the course was brutual. I make it through the bike and off on the run. The run was super hilly.I finished in 1:36:22. Not bad for my first.

So the crazy guy I am, I decide to do Emerald Pointe the following week. This one wasnt bad. I had to walk up the nasty hill to T1 but overall the race wasnt too bad. I finished right in my goal time of 1:30:01 One second over 90 minutes. This was Oct 7

3 Weeks Later, I was doing my first half marathon: the Silver Comet. the first 6 or 7 miles were great: right on pace to break 2 hours. Then my hamstrings started bothering me. I took frequent walk breaks and ended up finishing in 2:13. Again, not bad for my 1st, but not what I hoped for

I also dcided to do the Atlanta Half. I wont go into the details, but it was a rainy mess. My legs were bothering me, my stomach was bad and I ended up finishing in 2:33

By then I was having all sorts of leg problems, knee pain hamstring tightness. So I pretty much took it easy till December. I started running seriously again and then started building up my mileage through early January. I had a great 12 mile run, followe by an amazing 14. After my run, though I had bad knee pain. On a snowy January morning the rest of my usualy Saturday morning Windward Road Runner crew bailed. I met up with someone who came out for the first time. The first 2 miles were great, but then it hit. My hamstrings were so tight. I ended up walking/hobbling through the last 4 miles of the 6 mile loop.

So I went to the Doc. I had pes bursitis. Apparently I overdid it...duh.. So I took off till last week. last week I started back easily. This week I started my first week of a Oly Tri plan. I am planning for my first Oly Tri. I am planning to Westpoint Lake Oly Tri in June. From what I hearm this is a really fast course.

Well now that Ive gone on and on...This week has been good. Intervals on Mon. Swam Tues/Thurs. need to get back on the bike. I cant wait till we spring forward so I will start riding some of the group rides again.

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Sarah said...

I did Emerald Pointe too. Man, I can't wait to do a triathlon where I don't have to run up a steep ramp after the swim (I've only done races at Lake Lanier).

Nice job on the update, keep it coming!!